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Getting the perfect selfie can mean that you are stuck taking pic after pic after pic...you get the idea. Our Selfie Light Stand helps deliver you the best selfies EVER! Simply clamp it onto a table edge, place your phone in the holder, and get to snapping!

The LED ring light features adjustable brightness so you'll always get the perfect hue of lighting. The Selfie Light stand is perfect for pic taking, videos, and even live-streams!


  • Easily clamps onto almost any surface edge
  • Clamp cushions prevent damage tables and other surfaces
  • Mini LED ring light that provides epic lighting. Brightness can be adjusted!
  • Secure phone holder that's built right in
  • Phone holder can be used while ring light is on or off
  • Flexible arms for achieving the best lighting and angles
  • Portable design that's easy to take with you wherever you go
  • Uses any standard USB power source


  1. Can I plug the cord into a AC adapter and plug it into the wall and it function just the same as plugging it into a laptop? Yeah, it works just as well. I actually only use mine with the AC adapter, not with my computer and it works great!
  2. Can you rotate the phone so it's in landscape? Yes! It is easily bendable. We captured several photos turning the phone sideways for a landscape shot.

  3. Does it fit iPhone 7+? Yes, the phone holder expands up to 3.6“, it is compatible with all iPhones.