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Sometimes, a long trip in the car or on a plane can leave you feeling fatigued. If you manage to fall asleep it is probably in a very uncomfortable position that is anything but relaxing.

What if we told we have a product meant to change all of that?

Introducing The Smart Inflatable Travel Pillow! Our pillow is made with ultra-soft material that you simply must touch! It is wonderful for using when you are traveling due to its unique design and shape. It'll definitely lull you into a deep and refreshing slumber. You can also use it to watch movies, play games on your phone, and read books!

You'll love the ergonomic design of this unique travel pillow. It's made to support your upper body to keep you from developing a stiff neck and sore shoulders. The pillow actually follows the natural curve of your neck to reduce pressure on your sensitive areas.


  • Great for use on planes, trains, and automobiles! Many people enjoy taking the pillow camping, to the office, and many other places, too.
  • Compact design and comes with a convenient storage bag
  • Great for both kids and adults
  • Very easy to use! Simply open the valve and inflate the pillow in less than 30 seconds. Pillow is equipped with 4 different rest modes.
  • Equipped with face window and arm holes so you can comfortably hug it while you rest. This design offers perfect upper body support.
  • Great companion for frequent travelers.
  • Made from environmentally friendly soft PVC material
  • Lightweight and portable. Fits perfectly into luggage and backpacks.
  • Can be easily hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent. refrain from using bleach or dry cleaning.

The Smart Inflatable Travel pillow makes a wonderful gift for those who travel a lot!