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Our mini compass & protractor combo is the perfect tool for drawing, schoolwork, and sketching!

Designed with portability in mind, the compact shape of this protractor can easily be carried with you wherever you go. You'll love how it fits perfectly onto your notepad. It can create straight and curved lines, be used as a ruler & compass! It's the perfect multi-functional tool to have.


  • Portable - A tool that can easily be transported and used in a variety of ways. Does not poke holes in papers as there is no sharp point! Designed to be stable and sturdy when in use and won't roll around!
  • Pocket Sized - Designed with designers, artists, architects, journal enthusiasts, mandalas lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students, and creative professionals.
  • Multi-functional - The multi-functional wings are what perfect the functionality of this tool. Easily use whichever wing allows you to draw straight lines, curved lines, or angles.
    • Straight attachable wing is a reinvention of the traditional compass. Draw circles, from radius 16mm to 80mm (holes are spaced at 4mm increments). It also can be used as a ruler, which allows you to draw straight lines, angles, and arcs.
    • Curved wing gives you the ****ability to draw amazing curves and angles. Curved lines, arcs, ellipses, hexagons, and circles can be drawn from radius 18mm to 77mm.
  • Functional protractor - Works as a protractor for high-precision arcs.
  • Convenient design - Easy to store in your notebook! takes up very little space.
  • Pen holder - Can hold pens of different sizes as long as the diameter is no bigger than 10.8mm. Strategically placed holes can accommodate various pens, pencils, and markers.


  • Wing Material: Aluminum
  • Base Material: Stainless Steel


  • 1 x Ultimate Design Protractor Tool
  • 1 x Base